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Muhammad Mosque no.4 Feeding The Community During a Pandemic

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Quran surah 2:177 “Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but (true) righteousness is (in) one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler, those who ask (for help),and for freeing slaves; (and who) establishes prayer and gives zakah; (those who) fulfill their promise when they promise; and (those who)are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous.”

Feeding the community during a pandemic. story by Brother LeVon X

On Saturday August 15th 2020 was a beautiful day of love, unity and collective efforts from the believers at Muhammad Mosque no. 4 in Washington DC. Point no 2 of what the Muslims want by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was applied for a charity food drive.

“We want justice. Equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all, regardless of creed or class or color.”

To feed those in need no matter of race or religious background is justice & a part of being a good Muslim. Cars pulled up in large numbers as the truck of food was delivered and unloaded on the Mosque parking lot. People of all walks of life were grateful to the charity given to the community.

As people drove by, we could hear the horns beeping and fist raised showing appreciation seeing Muslims servicing the community. People got a chance to see The Nation of Islam in a different light under the example and leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

We pray that this pandemic will be used to get rid of the old way of doing business and bring in a new kingdom of Allah (God). We pray that Islam ( Peace) will be the new way of life for humanity.

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