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Kenya Community Hero Dickson Gitari of Nakuru Youth Sports Association (NYSA)

Coach Dickson Gitari

Community heroes inspire others through their actions, demonstrating courage, compassion, and resilience. They serve as role models for individuals, especially younger generations, showing them the power of empathy, kindness, and selflessness.

Coach Dickson Gitari fits the description of role model for his community. Coach Dickson and others started Nakuru Youth Sports Association (NYSA) which was founded in 2011 to change lives using sports as a tool. The motivation was to give the youth a place to play soccer to expose their talents versus roaming in the streets of Nakuru.

Coach Dickson also contributes his time with a chess program. Coach Dickson shares why chess is another way to reach the younger generation.

As a chess player, I decided to share the skills of playing chess with kids from Nakuru city. I needed to do it as we needed to improve our sports project. We target primary and high schools around Nakuru city, especially the public schools where students don't have access to the game of chess.
Our chess division is Nakuru Chess Academy, which we started in November 2021. I go from school to school, introducing chess to the students, and we organize chess tournaments to gauge their progress.
The chess game isn't primarily known in Kenya. Hence, fewer volunteers coach the game. I am looking forward to having partners who can help-us with chess boards and chess training materials or funds to pay the coaches to help introduce the game of chess in Nakuru County. Nakuru Chess Academy consists of children mainly from less fortunate families around Nakuru

Providing resources such as funding, supplies, and equipment can enable community helpers to expand their initiatives and reach more people in need. Whether it’s financial support for a food pantry or donations of educational materials for a youth program, resources can significantly enhance the effectiveness of community efforts.

Facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities allows community helpers to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering partnerships that amplify their impact.

By working together, communities can leverage each other’s strengths and resources to address complex challenges more effectively.

Supporting those who dedicate their time and effort to help their community is crucial for maximizing their impact.

Thank you, Coach Dickson, for your outstanding service, leadership, and dedication to our community. Your efforts make a difference every day, and we are deeply grateful for all you do.

To Help Support Coach Dickson

Tel +254788162971

Nakuru chess academy on Facebook.

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