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BLXCR original salute to Coach Dickson Gitari


By Brother LeVon X and Coach Dickson Gitari

(L-R) Brother Ellis in an intense game with our sister Maryam who wanted to test her knowledge and skills.

If you have been following our Big Brother Chess program in Maryland, many now know we use the game of chess as a tool to be a positive outlet for our surrounding community. Since the program began it has been a delight to have partnered with brother Shaka X Greene of Bravo Zulu Chess Academy.

We are thankful for the mentors who have been a part of its development ; (Brother Thomas 6X , Brother Ellis X and Brother James Muhammad) .

We've gotten a positive response from the community. The program has grown and open doors to other programs to come. We will always give God the glory for the vision to help others and any success that comes with it.

We was taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to find friendships in all walks of life. We were honored to have found a friend in brother Dickson Gitari from Kenya , Nakuru City Africa. A mutual friend brother Rennell Parker was the bridge that connected the union.

We was compelled by brother Dickson story that we had to share one of the many programs coach Dickson spearheads with our brothers and sisters here in the US.

(Far Right ) Coach Dickson Gitari of Nukuru Chess Academy, with the National Chess team players during Nakuru region KYCC championship

From NAKURU Kenya Africa

"I have been helping kids for over 40 years but believe me you, the government and the community Don t support. I'm unemployed and I run my project using a few shillings that I get through sports coaching. So I want us to start doing things in a different way. Where we can push our kids from tender age, through education to their colleges and university level. The only language I understand is through sports.

"The KNYCC Nakuru Regional Chess Championship 2023 was held at Moi

Kabarak High School Nakuru on 4th March 2023 it attracted a total of 433

participants from 19 different school whereby 42 players from Irene School and Good shepherd School Withdrew from the event after arriving late in the venue.

"A total of 391 players played the tournament 355 of them qualified for the

nationals that will be held in Kisii from 26th April 2023.Six rounds were played with a time control of 25 minutes per player using the swiss pairing. Individual winners and Schools that won received trophies courtesy of NAKURU COUNTY GOVERMENT.

'Being a chess player myself, I decided to share the skills of playing chess with the children from within Nakuru city. I found a need to engage in the chess program to improve our sports project(s).

'We are primary targeting all the high schools around Nakuru city especially the public schools where students don't have access to the game of chess.

Our chess division is known as Nakuru Chess Academy which we started back in November 2021. My mission was to go from school to school introducing the game of chess to all the students. Our organization would organize chess tournaments to gauge our students progress.

The game of chess game isn't well known in Kenya and may cause some challenges to get volunteers to coach the game. But with perseverance those dynamics will and have changed.

" We are looking forward to having partners who can help us with chess boards and other overhead cost which requires funding.

Nakuru chess academy consists of children mostly from less fortunate circumstances around Nakuru city. To learn more you can check Nakuru Chess Academy on Facebook.

"My dream is to change as many youths as possible through sports.

- Coach Dickson -

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