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Community Activists Working Together At Potomac Gardens Resident Council S.E Washington DC

Updated: Apr 16

Community activism brings several benefits when people come together. When individuals unite for a common cause, their collective voice and actions carry more weight, making it easier to effect change

On Friday March 9th, The Potomac Gardens Resident Council hosted The Tenant Appreciation Fish Fry & Community Feast celebration. It was the right spirit to inspire and

motivate the residents of Potomac Gardens.

Brother Frank Muhammad of Brothas Huddle, Brother Edward Tate, CEO of Message In The Music, and (C.R.E.W.S) rallied their attention to important issues within the Potomac Gardens in S.E Washington DC community, raising awareness among both residents and the broader public, nothing but success was bound to happen.

"For the residents to come in and engage one another, it's only the means to the ends of connecting with them to prayerfully help them heal themselves so that they may become inspired and motivated to unite with one another on the principles of truth to MAKE THEIR COMMUNITIES A DECENT AND SAFE PLACE TO LIVE. "

"C.R.E.W.S. (Community Respecting Everyone's Will To Survive) came through, and I was happy because they made the people, but when my squad showed up and served their community, I was proud. A wise man once said, " There is no success without succession." I serve only to raise more servants. The teens and children of Potomac Gardens are ready to take their rightful place." - Frank Muhammad-

Brother Edward Tate has over 40 years of working in the black community to help heal and liberate his community.

  I believe in Transformation as the answer to Black oppression & suffering...from health to finances. - Edward Tate-

BLXCR: How did Message In The Music begin?

ET: Message in the Music was conceived when I was the Director of the African American Music Association.  We wanted to do something different from others regarding a music showcase.  I was always impressed and moved by music that contained messages. 

The festivities were filled with music and art that gave a platform for all walks of life to address social issues, advocate for change, and amplify their voices, empowering them to become agents of positive social transformation.

Message In The Music positive movement through music and art gives hope that young people can come together, fostering connections and building supportive communities where they can share experiences, collaborate on projects, and forge lasting friendships.

The program's success highlights that different Ministries and activism can collaborate in various ways to enhance community well-being.

During the program, various ministries such as the Health Development Ministry, Advocacy Ministry, Parent Watch and Fatherhood Ministry partnered with other organizations to leverage their expertise, resources, and grassroots networks in addressing community issues.

The different groups spoke highly about working together to resolve conflicts and tensions within the community, facilitating dialogue, mediation, and reconciliation processes.

Other speakers of the Program were Ms. Misha Pettway, Potomac Gardens Resident Council President, Tyrone Parker, and Ms Aqurius Vann-Ghasri.

Ms. M Pettway Potomac Garden Residential Counsil President

When a community comes together for the betterment of everyone, it fosters a sense of unity, cooperation, and shared purpose. It shows the power of collective action and highlights the compassion and empathy within the community.

Seeing people collaborate and support each other can be incredibly inspiring and uplifting, reminding us of the importance of community bonds and working towards common goals.

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