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Men of This World Do Not Desire A Righteous Woman

Updated: Aug 24, 2023


[Editor’s note: This article written by the Honorable Minister Farrakhan originally appeared in Volume 19, Number 45 of the Final Call newspaper (September 12, 2000).]

"In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

The greatest gift to any man is a virtuous woman. A man who has such a woman by his side is the most blessed of men, for her virtue is a covering for him and her virtue ensures his future. Our future is made for us by the female. Since sin destroys our future, virtue and righteousness protects and ensures our future, so, wise men in every age have cherished the virtuous woman, and have fought, bled and even died to protect her honor.

In this world, however, the purity of a young woman’s love is so overwhelming to a man that many men of this world seek and do work to destroy that purity because of our mental, moral and spiritual state. Since the fall of Adam, man is only a caricature of himself. David the Psalmist writes, “Ye are all Gods, children of the Most High God.” Satan has so reversed what Allah (God) intended for us to be that that word would now be, “Ye are all dogs, children of the most low Satan.

” It is this state that the man is in that has driven the female away from him and even made her in some instances hate the very presence of a man. The women who meet with men, who may be desirous of an elevated conversation, usually find the words and actions of the men demonstrating that their minds are below their waists or navels. This is very disheartening to a good female.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that, “Seventy-five percent of His work was with the female.” Therefore, He strived mightily to make something of the Black woman. He taught her how to sew and cook, how to rear her children, how to take care of her husband, how to keep a clean home, and in general He taught her how to act at home and abroad. His desire was to produce a very high level of civilization coming through a reformed female. He took great joy in seeing our women come from a low state or condition constantly improving themselves. He taught them about loud raucous behavior and laughter.

"He loved to hear the refined speech of the female. He wanted her highly educated, cultivated, and refined. He taught the female how to walk, sit and stand. He showed her, her mother’s dressing room that she had not seen in 400 years; meaning He showed her the styles of the righteous women of the East from whom she is a descendant.

"He loved to see her speaking with firmness to men and never being forward in the presence of men. He hated sisters to speak to men with soft, sultry speech. He taught her, as well as the male, according to the Qur’an that both should lower their gaze when they are in each other’s company.

"He dressed the female in such a way that men could not know the beauty of their form, but, would only become acquainted with the beauty of their faces and their expressions so that the male would not be physically attracted to her alone, but, spiritually attracted to her as well.

It seems that men in the world today do not wish to marry a woman of this character and quality.

In fact, when they see women of this quality their aim is to see how easily they can break these women down, to cheapen them in the man’s eyes and bring her to disgrace in her own eyes.

If a man were righteous, then he would desire a righteous woman.

When I was a young man, the boys would love to be around young girls who gave themselves away freely; and, when they were together, this kind of girl would be the subject of slack talk, slander and derision; however, when they wanted to find a girl that they could fall in love with, it would be the one that was not an easy gain.

Because of the destruction of the Black male and the preponderance of the female, this gives low-minded men a big field to play in. Instead of the husband encouraging their wives to be covered and sharing her beauty only with him, there are some men who love for their women to be on display for other men to see what should only be shared with him.

There are many women today who are taking care of men because they oft-times have better paying jobs. Women are better trained and oft-times better qualified.

They have nice cars, homes or apartments, nice furniture, but, the thing that is missing in the home or apartment is a responsible man who is a provider and maintainer. So, some women go looking for a man and oft-times is taking care of him. There is no woman who could honor and respect a man that she is caring for. To her, he is like her little boy. This is why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s work is so difficult, for, He is not a leader to lead us to jobs, justice and equity alone, but His mission was and is the resurrection of us from a state of mental, moral and spiritual death.

This is absolutely the hardest job that any human being can have; to transform a mind that has been broken to such a degree that the divinity of the male is hardly seen, even in those of us who achieve much “success” in this world.

I thank Allah (God) for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and His 44 years of dedicated sacrifice, suffering and hard work to raise the Black man mentally, morally, and spiritually from the condition that 400 years of slavery, free labor and injustice have put us in.

When we speak of repair or reparations, it will take much to repair the damage that our former slave masters and their children have done to the Black man and woman of America and the world. No wonder the Apostle Paul said, “Be ye not conformed to this world, but, be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” We cannot renew the mind of the male and female until we uproot the idea that now rules our minds and replace it with the ideas of Allah (God).

"The scholars and scientists of this world do not have a clue as to how to bring about the transformation of human life, particularly the life of the Black man and woman. This is why we Praise Allah (God) for His presence in Master W. Fard Muhammad, and, the great work of reform, resurrection and transformation that He began that we are attempting to continue and bring to a new and higher level today.

"To the men who read this article, cherish a virtuous woman. To the men of the Nation of Islam, seek a female from the class that is producing such women and be good men and husbands to them.

Thank you for reading these few words.

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