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Dear Sisters

A Letter by - Sister Fatimah Rahman -

" I’ve been long aware that many people in the USA are traumatized and broken and their behavior exposes them.

I understand what some men experience because I have always studied male writers, my father, brothers and son. I’ve talked with my male friends as well as my clients and patients.

The past twenty years or thereabouts, the pot has been stirred to further separate men and women.

The “gender wars” have been encouraged and most cannot detect the diabolical patterns, techniques and traps. And many women are bitter and angry about their decisions and choices, while failing to take accountability and ownership. Many are passing their toxic attitudes onto their daughters, sisters, friends, grand-daughters and anyone who will listen.

However, I know many amazing men.

The first man I ever knew was my dearly departed father. He taught me about the goodness of good men and unworthiness of failed men.

As a young adult, I became very conscious of the invaluable role of fathers and the importance of fatherhood. I studied the psychological, physiological and emotional needs of boys and the significance of ensuring that men and boys are nurtured, supported, heard and given a soft place to land.

And studying the great minds of black men and the ideology of white supremacy in the USA, I became prepared to help nurture my son in collaboration with his father. It required openness and objectivity, love and compassion.

I understand that the US American culture is in shambles and that the transition must be managed. The man/woman paradigm is to studied and healing must be introduced while hatred and ignorance must be disrupted. Every man must take care of himself according to his needs and he should nurture himself by being surrounding by those who love and respect him." - Sister Fatimah Rahman -

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