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Having Faith Saved My Life. My True Story.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Faith involves a level of belief and trust that goes beyond what can be proven or seen, relying instead on conviction, confidence, and often hope. Assurance can refer to a strong and confident belief in something or idea, often providing a sense of security and certainty about an outcome or fact. Faith, assurance, and action are interconnected in the process of bringing beliefs into reality. While faith and assurance provide the foundation of belief and confidence, taking concrete steps is critical to actualize those beliefs.

There's nothing worse than talking ourselves out of something that could positively change our lives. Doubt is a terrible thing that hinders everything. So, how do we overcome that doubt or lack of will? Taking that first step is critical to show that we can accomplish anything with the right mindset. Everyone deals with stress and problems, so what makes us different?

The only difference between those who are successful and those who are not is their willingness to battle the storm necessary to be in a better place in life. Pointing fingers at others or having a victim mentality doesn't work. There is a saying in scripture that "faith without work is dead." That is true in every essence.

I will share a story with you about my time in the military. I got hurt pretty badly on my deployment and wound up in the hospital thousands of miles away from home. While in the hospital, I convinced myself everything would be OK. I was facing a window in my hospital room, and the sun would greet me every morning. You never know how blessed we are to have the ability to see the next day or the sunshine kissing you on the forehead as the sun's rays shine through the window. Although the doctors recommended that I stay in my bed, I refused to give up on myself. I asked them if it would be OK for me to walk around the hospital with a wheelchair by my side. They allowed it.

As I was being transferred back to the US, the doctors and nurses I had grown fond of told me everything would be OK. That was the confirmation that I needed to believe the same thing. It was my belief system in my heart and my mind that helped me overcome my challenges. Once I arrived back in the US, I had to rebuild my strength, and it took a lot of work because I was so used to being in a specific condition that starting over was hard.

Going to the gym as a man, you know you deal with ego because you are used to pushing heavy weights, but I knew that I had to be patient with myself and block everything out. It's not about what everyone around me is doing; I had to realize my goal: returning to the gym and getting myself back in the best shape. I had to start small and retake the steps, like learning to walk again. But this is where faith comes in: the belief that we can accomplish these things. If I doubted myself, I would have listened to the doctors who told me I would never exercise again and probably wouldn't be here to share this story. My belief in God was paramount, and I got stronger and better as I kept that faith.

I remind you that giving up should never be an option because giving up on ourselves is pretty much death. Believe in your abilities; God gives you all the tools for the path designed especially for you. Believing in ourselves is so important. Never give up, never listen to the naysayers, and always surround yourself with people with the courage to succeed. Always keep the faith.

- Brother Levon X-

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