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Kenya's Sports Volunteers Project, Bridging The Gap

Many may wonder why are we writing a story on Kenya? If we consider the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in Africa, they resonate deeply with the struggles experienced with the black community in the United States. Marcus Garvey envisioned a global alliance, with African Americans and Africans working together towards common goals. Shouldn't we unite in our efforts if our communities face similar struggles? We are proud to foster a global community that transcends borders.

Our friendship with Brother Dickson exemplifies this unity. Our acquaintance began when Coach Dickson contacted Brother Levon X COMMUNITY REPORTING. He was eager to share his remarkable work with his soccer and chess programs. In one of our published blog articles, he noticed our youth program with Bravo Zulu Chess Academy and saw a shared mission in our efforts.

Coach Dickson sincere passion for helping the youth was immediately commendable, sparking a connection based on mutual goals and respect. We are taught to collaborate with like-minded individuals, and Coach Dickson's impressive soccer and chess programs are a testament to this. We aim to shatter the false narrative that African Americans and Africans cannot work together—a narrative designed to divide us.

This highlights the importance of creating positive programs to guide our youth wherever they may be. Coach Dickson has led this effort for years, using sports and chess to nurture and cultivate young minds. His program aims to develop intelligent and well-rounded individuals, just as we strive to do here in the United States.

Coach Dickson, a key figure in sports development, is actively involved with the Nakuru Youth Sports Association (NYSA) in Nakuru, Kenya.  His leadership is evident in the Sports Volunteers Project, a venture he has initiated to connect local sports initiatives with sports enthusiasts and institutions from the USA.

According to Coach Dickson, "This project is more than just about sports. It’s an opportunity for cultural exchange, community building, and contributing to the development of our local communities. We are eager to invite sports professionals, volunteers, and organizations to visit Kenya, experience our rich cultural heritage, explore our game reserves, and actively participate in uplifting our youth through sports."

Acknowledging our shared struggles and working together can build a more robust, united community worldwide. Let us celebrate our triumphs and support each other in overcoming challenges, proving that we are stronger together.

All responsibilities and details related to the program are outlined in the link attached. We invite you to review and join in making a meaningful impact. Together, we can help our youth grow into confident, capable, and responsible individuals.

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