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Solutions By Cadenas, LLC

Manuel Cadenas is a father, a husband, and a man of indigenous descent originally from the Caribbean coast of South America. He has been a multilingual, community-based educator and a basketball coach for the more significant part of the last two decades. "Mr. C," as his scholars affectionately refer to him, has occupied spaces as a traditional, certificated classroom teacher in public and private institutions in elementary, middle, yet mostly in high school grades.

Over those years, the experience gained as an advocate for families of the global majority has provided insight into what works and what is not offered in most of those educational spaces.

In the fall of 2020, as COVID-19 had exacerbated the inequities that already existed in public schools, Manuel's response was to create Solutions By Cadenas, LLC. in an attempt to be an organization that pridefully provides what traditional schools won't for underrepresented, melanated youth of varied abilities. Though "Solutions" currently renders services in-person, in the form of interactive class sessions/lectures, "Mr. C" is seeking to digitize his educational content to establish non-hierarchical relationships with scholars and their families across the United States via exposure to Restorative Practices as a means to reinstate social-emotional learning and development of character for young males and females that seem to have been long forgotten.

As a Muslim man, Manuel wants to provide the type of education that would see scholars as adults and information holistically and humanely. He will not surrender to the "agendas" of today, nor will he limit himself to "just teaching" academic subjects. He wishes not to compromise his deep belief in family values, love, and respect for self by not embodying those same values and manners. Manuel seeks to connect with families looking for alternate ways of edifying youth.

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