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What do men want in a marriage

It's important to note that individuals, regardless of gender, have diverse desires and preferences in a marriage. While generalizations can be made, it's crucial to recognize that individual preferences and priorities vary greatly. However, some common desires that some men may have in a marriage include:

Emotional connection: Many men seek emotional intimacy and a deep connection with their partner. They value open communication, understanding, and emotional support from their spouse.

  1. Mutual respect and admiration: Men often desire respect and appreciation from their partner. They want to be recognized for their contributions, both within the relationship and in other areas of life.

  2. Companionship and shared interests: A fulfilling marriage often involves shared interests and activities that both partners enjoy. Men may desire a spouse who can be a friend, companion, and participate in shared hobbies or experiences.

  3. Trust and loyalty: Trust is fundamental in a successful marriage. Men typically desire a partner who is loyal, trustworthy, and committed to the relationship.

  4. Physical intimacy and affection: Physical intimacy plays a significant role for many men in a marriage. They may desire a satisfying and affectionate physical relationship with their partner.

Remember that these desires are not exclusive to men, and it's essential to have open and honest communication with your partner to understand their specific needs and expectations in a marriage

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