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Why are women important? Words from the Honorable Minister Farrakhan.

Updated: Jan 8

Why are women important? Why is women’s participation important for the creation of a Millions More Movement? To go right to the heart of that, no movement is going anywhere without the woman.

"I would like to share with you some of what I was taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad of the value of a woman. I am hoping that the word that God lays on my heart and mind to speak to you will resonate in your hearts and minds, that you will begin thinking on a higher level about who you are and how valuable a woman is in the sight of God.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that the first act of creation after the Self-Creation of God, He studied Himself, knowing that it was painful and difficult. He studied Himself and brought from Himself a second self. - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan-

The female, according to the Bible, is a part of the man. But she is more than a part of man, the woman is the second self of God. Sisters, if you know why you are as you are, it makes it better for you to be yourself.

You are not the woman of man; you are the woman of God. The more men grow to reflect God, then the hearts of women will calm down and you will be more at peace. You are not at peace today. You are very disappointed, disillusioned and hurt by us, because you expected something and did not get what you expected. An illusion attracted you, but reality woke you up. Were you wrong to expect? No. Why do you expect something from a man? The Holy Qur’an deals with the nature of things, because no person can rule unless you understand the nature of that, which you are trying to rule. You must understand your own nature, in order to develop self-mastery.

What is the nature of the woman and what is the nature of the man? The Holy Qur’an says, “Men are the maintainers of women.” It is the natural role of a man to work hard and produce what is necessary to maintain a woman and the children that are produced from that woman. As a maintainer, he is a protector, provider, and he is supposed to guide. You cannot guide a woman with sex, and if a man is dumb enough to think that sex can guide a female, then the marriage falls apart and the relationship tumbles down. Guidance comes from the brain, not from any other part of the body. Guidance must manifest wisdom and since you are the second self of God, then the man must bring to you wisdom and truth that is from God, because the only thing that can maintain the woman of God is the word of God, rightly brought from a man who is in the image and the likeness of God.

When a man works hard to maintain support, guide and protect his wife and family, what comes up out of his wife is a natural desire to console, comfort and give that man peace and quiet of mind. When you fall in love, it makes you want to serve. You do things to please, whether it be in a meal, the way you fix your home, or the way you fix yourself. You try to make it nice for him because he brought that out of you by being what he is supposed to be.

But when he acts the fool, he shuts you down and you do not have any desire to console, comfort, cook or clean for him. You don’t even want to rear his children, especially if they look like him.

Sisters, something has happened to us, as men, and something has happened to you, as women. Something terrible has happened to men because we can attract you, but we cannot hold you. We can give you children, but we do not know how to help you rear them. We can make money, but we are rather selfish. Women have been greatly misused and abused. It is so painful that we live in a world that has raised sex to the level where we get lost in a pleasure that was to create a heavenly existence. The more we get lost in it, the more painful our life becomes. So, having raised sex to the degree that a Satanic mind has raised it, men have lost respect for the second self of God and the second self of self. Men, then, use women for pleasure and discard women as you would a wrapper from a cookie, cake or candy. It was sweet to you, but you cannot use the wrapper, so you throw it away.

The worst part of this sexual madness is that fathers have sometimes abused their daughters; uncles have sometimes abused their nieces; grandfathers have abused their grandchildren; and cousins and brothers have abused their sisters. When a woman is innocent, a virgin, and is raised in a wholesome environment, she loves purely. The first love of a girl in a wholesome environment is the male image of her father. She wants to serve and she loves to be hugged by her father because it gives her a sense of safety and security because, by nature, you desire to be made secure.

The man’s nature is the same. He desires to be made secure. A woman is made secure in a good man and a good man is made secure in God. So you have a natural sequence, as the Bible teaches: God is the head of man, man is the head of woman, and woman is the head of a child. When this natural order functions properly, there is joy and peace.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “Civilization is measured by the woman.” If you want to take the world down, the place of attack is the female. If you want to build a world up, you start with the female.

God created a woman’s form to be appealing to a man’s eyes. You can call him holy, you can call him divine, you can call him prophet, you can call him saint, you can call him apostle, but if he is a man, your physical form is appealing to his eyes. The Holy Qur’an says you were created to give him peace and quiet of mind and to be a consoler for him, so every aspect of you reflects this. But that beauty of you is not for every man to see. The beauty of you is for that special individual who has earned the right to be consoled by what you offer. But Satan said no.

How were women dressed 60 years ago? They covered from the top all the way down. It was not considered proper to wash your underwear and put them on a line in your backyard so that your neighbor can see what your underwear looked like. A Black man in the South would get killed simply for looking under a White woman’s dress on a clothesline. If the enemy saw him, he would know that not only would he look under her dress on a clothesline, but he was angling to get under her dress in real life; so he would kill the Black man just for that.

Over the past 60-70 years, look at how women have been taken down; and when you go down, you take us down because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “Where there are no decent women, there are no decent men, for the woman is the mother of civilization.”When World War II came, he took women out of the kitchen. Most of you today do not know how to cook, but you want to get married.

When he put you in the factories, as the men went to war, women became the top bread-winners. As men came back from the war, society was changing and they had a new style of clothing for the women. Long dresses were out, and gradually the hemlines rose and he began taking your clothes off. In the Book of Revelations, there is a description of a beast, with a woman dressed in scarlet sitting on top of the beast, because the beast is going to use the woman to attract the man to his destruction.

Then gradually, your clothes start coming off and the dances and music began to change. Now that he has taken you down like this, your attracting power has nothing to do with the way you think. Your attracting power is your sex and your willingness to give yourself to a man. Music is now all about sex. In order to groove to a beat, the body is moving, but what you are doing is the sex act standing up.

When you go to the disco or a party, what is in your mind? We can tell what is in your mind by how much flesh you are showing. You may say, “This is just the style,” but you are not creating any style. Satan is creating the style to take you further and further down, so that civilization now is in a degenerate state because the woman is in a degenerate state, and there are no holy men. We have been ruined and so have you. So, Sisters, the Millions More Movement is about repairing the damage that was done to us through slavery.

You can be disappointed with your man, but if you keep beating him down with your mouth, you will always be disappointed. In his nature, he knows he is supposed to be the boss even though he does not have what it takes to be the boss. But, Sisters, if you really want to have peace in your home, learn how to handle your man in his ignorance and foolishness, because when God said, “Let us make man,” He needs your help. If you do not help God, you will not find a man that will satisfy your soul. We need your help. We need your support."


Final Call News Paper(Editor’s note): The following article is based on excerpts from an address delivered Aug. 20 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois by Minister Farrakhan during the Women’s Mobilization Rally for the Millions More Movement.

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