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GrowFlo presents learning the basics on how to grow food.

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Portia X Studied Molecular biology at

Food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. Depending on what we are eating can determine whether we are healing or killing ourselves. We have the ability to heal ourselves and our families completely from any illness or ailment but we must eat the right foods.

It can still be delicious, flavorful meals that are still healthy for you! We have to become scientists in our kitchen now more then ever!

Sister Portia shares her passion of agriculture. " It’s like love at first sight every single time I spend time in my garden. Knowing that I'm growing food that will benefit the health of my family. I am utterly amazed at my Creator and how nature works. My harvest this morning.. Zucchini, bell pepper, jalapeño pepper, Swiss chard, lemon balm, mint ginger, eggplant. I love this life and you will too!"

GrowFlo helps others grow their own food by starting raised bed garden and food in pots. We educate and empower our community! We offer virtual classes, workshops and demos on gardening, cooking, composting, food dehydration and so much more.

Student Comments..

Latrice D. Muhammad "I am so happy I took your gardening class Portia! Thank You!"

"OMG! Such an awesome and inspiring class I was blessed to experience! I feel more empowered to continue this journey in learning to grow my own food for my family that’ll sustain us no matter what’s going on in the world! Keep being awesome and spreading your light Portia!!!"

This is a result of a beginner gardener who took my Gardening Basics online class and is now growing food for her family!! Get like this!! Great job Felicia for putting in that work!!

" These are the times to show us what we need to know what we are putting into our body. If you feed your health it will grow. Follow Growflo and empower yourself by learning how to control what you put in the only body you will ever have. So proud of you "
Porter Garner


Want to learn the basics on how to grow food? It’s not too late!! Join our online class!! Make sure to send an email to info@grow-flo

You can also find us on Instagram at @Growflo19.


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