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Message in the Music

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Founder of Message In The Music Edward Tate

In the world of entertainment we are in search of more upliftment in our music. Unfortunately

in mainstream media we are bombarded with music that degrades women and glorifies violence..

We was happy to come across a non-profit organization called Message to the Music produced by Brother Edward Tate.

Brother Edward Tate has given a platform to artist that want to use their talents to uplift and inspire others in their community.

BLXCR : As CEO of M.I.T.M tell us a little about yourself:  

ET : I have over 40 years of working in the black community to help heal and liberate Black people from a dead-state to that of a resurrected-state.   I am one that is deeply in love with Black people first and oppressed people wherever they may be found.  I believe in Transformation as the answer to Black oppression & suffering...from health to finances. I believe that transformation is achieved through a structured process of prayer, healing and hard work. BLXCR : When did Message in the Music begin? 

ET : Message in the Music was conceived when I was the Director of the African American Music Association.  We wanted to do something different than what others were doing regarding a music showcase.  I was always impressed and moved by music that contained messages.  Therefore, I chose to call our showcase Message In The Music Showcase.  As I was thinking about a name for the Nonprofit, Message In the Music seemed to be perfect name that defines our purpose, movement and showcase.

BLXCR : How can Message in the Music impact our community positively?

ET : Message in the music is not just a musical platform, it is also a platform of healing, transformation, conscious elevation and salvation.  Music is a mean of communicating by imparting words filled with feelings and emotions about our struggle as a people.  The commercial hip-hop industry has taken hip-hop hostage and has perverted it with corrupt images and messages.  Message In The Music is raised as a counter to that attack on our youth, women and future. BLXCR : How important is it that the artist you work with understand the vision of your brand?   

ET : It vitally important that artist understand the vision and brand.  That is a pre-requisite for joining the Movement.  You have to be an embodiment and product of what you speak. Our words must match our walk, because the word is god and the work is creative.  We are seeking artist that love black people, that's serious about their music and want to use their God-given talent to up

lift our community. BLXCR : Do you see message in the music replacing the negative images that unfortunately portrays  our community in a negative way?

ET : Yes!  This is our mission.  Our mission is to change the deplorable and disrespectful images and lyrics that pollute the airways and the minds of our youth and community.

BLXCR : Who are some of your up and coming talents you want the world to know about ?

1. D'alon (Hugon Lon)


3. Ms. Yendy

4. MTO Yung One 

5. Ras Sankofa 

6. Djon

BLXCR : In closing, where do you see message in the music 5 years from now? 

ET : In five years I see Message In the Music having its own Location that consists of: Multiple Studios, Computer class rooms &  Trade. Space for Entrepreneurship Programs: Carpentry, Electrician , Plumbing ,Information, Technology, Appliance Repair. Rehearsal & Entertainment Hall , Cafeteria/Break room

BLXCR : Thank you for your time. May Allah bless you with success. 

We want to thank Brother Edward Tate for sharing his vision with us. With our support his vision will become successful. If you are an inspiring artist you can reach out to Brother Edward Tate @ 202-304-2378

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