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Why must there be a War of Armageddon? " Because evil is spreading far and wide. The God of Righteousness is upset! He is tired of the wickedness, the iniquity of the people, and He is tired of the wickedness of Satan. So here is what’s on His Mind, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us. Satan knew this day was coming; he knew that when you started to rise, it would begin to produce his fall. So the only way he can keep in power is to keep you ignorant. And in keeping you ignorant, he drops you down into a barrel of filth. All our minds are taken with filth, degenerate behavior, filthy language. Why must there be a War of Armageddon? Because Satan has to be exposed! “Satan” is no spook, “Satan” is no spirit. “Satan” are men and women, highly intelligent, knowing the truth, and using their knowledge of good to trick people who are good into doing that which is evil; and then make them think the evil that they do is alright. You need help. We need help. "I want to bring some scripture to talk about why there has to be war. Did you think that The God of Righteousness was going to allow this filth to be done in His Name, and He was not going to intercede to put a stop to it? You know, some people who have power, they can be humble; but if you force them, they can show you how much they do have. "And usually when you’re selling a wolf ticket that you cannot cash: When you get that good whipping, you get a “good understanding,” and all of a sudden you find out the meaning of humility. cont... "God is whipping the world with forces of nature, letting you know it’s going to get worse. And I am here to tell you: You haven’t seen nothing yet! Many of us may not live to see The Hereafter, to see the day when the power of this world is broken and a new world of righteousness is coming in. But try your best to learn how to eat to live, because in a short while America, America … “America is fallen.” "Now you may not like what I am about to say, but I want to make the case that God intends to destroy and bring America to the bar of justice. America can’t take it. She loves to dish it out, but she doesn’t want to eat the meal that she prepared for others." "We’re either going to be right or we’re going to be dead. The War of Armageddon is to decide who will live on this Earth. You can’t live on an Earth that was made for the righteous and think you can continue practicing evil and God won’t punish you, or take your life. I am telling you, brothers and sisters: God doesn’t want to hurt you! God doesn’t want to harm you. But God will chastise you in a way that you will know God is after you. And you will know when you get the whooping; that you can’t sleep at night, and you wish the night would end and the day would come. But He is going to be whooping you. Not that He hates you, it’s because He loves you. He does not want you to go down with Satan. To get the full lecture visit titled Saviours Day 2023 "THE WAR OF ARMEGEDDON"

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