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Big Brother Chess Club Going Strong

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Photo: (L-R) Bro, James M, Bro Thomas 6X, Bro LeVon X , Bryant(10) Yusuf (6) Saleem (10) Bro Troy One month in for the Big Brother Manhood Development Program Chess Club and it has been a blessing. We thank God for giving us the vision to put this together. We have had the honor to be amongst men of all ages participating in a friendly game of chess no matter their level of experience. This past weekend was a special occasion. We met 10 year brother Bryant for the very first time. In every meeting we make it customary to open up in prayer. We teach that men should submit to a higher power bigger than themselves. Men lead in prayer. When asked who would do us the honor to lead in prayer? Young brother Bryant offered. He prayed what God put in his heart. He ask for the name of one of the other young brothers attending the program. He replied Saleem. Brother Bryant said “ My prayer is for Saleem, I pray for you” as he pointed with affection towards his new brother. Proverb 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ' This is what this program is about. To teach our young men it's ok to have love for your brother. The subject for the day was, “ How do we value life”? It was important for us to discuss the value of life with the youngest amongst the men Bryant (10) Saleem (10) Yusuf ( 6) The world is increasingly desensitizing the value of life by the overwhelming display of killings in media, video games , television and music. And depending on what community a individual resides in violence is right at our front door. Reaching our youth at an early age is important. One of the key factors that we shared pertaining to the Chess board, every piece has a purpose no different than a human being. We appreciate Mr. and Mrs. James Muhammad and Sister Shawn with trusting us with their sons. Everyone that partakes in the Chess Club program is valuable. We want to thank Brother(s) Thomas , James and Troy for being amongst the program by being mentors. Please join our efforts without men who develop a program to be an outlet for men of all ages to find a place they can build as brothers. In the newsletter, you will see the flyer attach of our location. Any questions please contact us at:

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